At the Higgins Lab we study the motivational underpinnings of perceptions, judgments, decisions, and behaviors, in a wide range of contexts, from romantic relationships to military training. We embrace a motivated cognition framework in pursuing both basic and applied questions relating to self-regulation. Some of our main areas of current study are interpersonal processes, motivation effectiveness & performance, and self-regulation & emotion. We are also affiliated with the Motivation Science Center at Columbia Business School.

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What does it mean to be human? Why do we feel and behave in the ways that we do? The classic answer is that we have a special kind of intelligence. But to understand what we are as humans, we also need to know what we are like motivationally. And what is central to this story, what is special about human motivation, is that humans want to share with others their inner experiences about the world–share how they feel, what they believe, and what they want to happen in the future. They want to create a shared reality with others.

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